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    Custom-designed products and laminated coloured glass benefit interiors and exteriors. Colour laminated glasses provide aesthetic appeal to curtain walls, facades, windows, partitions, roofs, balustrades, stairs, doors, storefronts, furniture, etc. In addition to standard and trendy laminated coloured and designer ranges, we also offer customized products to meet your needs.

  • Decorative Glass

    If it’s a posh mirror for your bathroom or an antique or decorative mirror for your living room, we have it all. Enhance character, and depth, while adding a touch of luxury to any space.

  • Designer Glass

    Artistic glass imported for its unique designs and decorative applications, adding sophistication to interiors.

  • Designer Mirrors

    Stylish mirrors imported for their distinct designs and craftsmanship, elevating interior decor with elegance and flair.

  • Fabric Lamination

    This increases the fabric’s durability, water resistance, and resistance to external elements. Add texture, color, and design to glass surfaces with fabric lamination.

  • Glass Blocks

    Solid glass elements employed in architecture for their aesthetic appeal and light diffusion properties.

  • Glass Pillars

    Structural glass components offering support and elegance, often used in modern interior and exterior designs.

  • Mirror Shades

    Different shades of mirrors provide versatility, allowing individuals to choose the right mirror to complement their style. It can add depth, light, and visual interest to any infrastructure project.

  • Planilaque

    It is possible for us to conceptualize the rarest colours on glass with a variety of sparkling, metallic, and basic options available. Add a touch of elegance to any space with colored and lacquered glass options.

  • SGG Clear Glass

    Transparent glass in various thicknesses for diverse applications like windows, doors, and partitions.

  • SGG Coater Series

    Glass coated for added functionality and aesthetics, enhancing durability and performance.

  • SGG DGU Glass

    Double-glazed glass providing superior insulation, reducing energy consumption and noise transmission.

Product Type Fabric lamination
Project Shree Mylara Arcade
Specs SGG ST-136 Graphite T/G (Supply)
Product Type Fabric Lamination
Product OG-FAB
Specs SGG ST-136 Graphite T/G (Supply)
Product Type Colour Lamination
Product OG Green Lami
Specs SGG ST-136 Graphite T/G (Supply)